November 2, 2011

Day 37 (Nov. 1)

It's race month! When I looked at the training schedule today, I didn't have to flip months to get to the race. It's in November! Now weeks away as opposed to months. And, I'm excited! Not nervous. I'm sure that will come, but as of now, I'm ready to run this thing!

Our training group plan today: run 55 minutes with five, 4-minute hard intervals with 2-minute jogs in between the hard intervals, and the remaining time is a cool down. My legs felt a little stiff to begin, but loosened up throughout the run. We had a strong wind at our backs to begin, and I think it made me super-fast (well, super-fast for me is probably what most people consider a slow jog). When we turned back, and we ran into this wind ... yeah, not so fast. But, overall, it was a good run.

Now, for randomness in bullet style:
  • Do not believe the difficulty rating on those pumpkin patterns. The past few years, I've done what they consider an easy pattern, and I agreed with their rating on those (one pumpkin on a scale of one to four with one being the easiest and four being the most difficult). I thought the next logical step was to do a two pumpkin difficulty rating, and I was SO wrong.
  • This thing was a PAIN. I hated transferring the pattern. I hated carving it. I hated looking at the end result. I will stick to one pumpkin designs from now on because I am remedial. Or, the pumpkin pattern creators are liars.
Yes, I screwed this thing up in a major way. Normally, I'd toothpick pieces to stick that I accidentally cut out. Normally, I'd scoop out more of the insides to make it brighter. Normally, I'd clean up my cuts to make it look sharper. I. DID. NOT. CARE. I hate this pumpkin and the process of carving it.
  • Although the jack-o-lantern was a bust, I thought my dog looked adorable. This made up for all my frustration.

  • Jessica Simpson is pregnant! I actually let out an audible squeal at work when the news was confirmed. I love this girl (not in a scary-stalker kind of way; more of in a she's-my-favorite celebrity kind of way). I'm so excited. Really.


  1. Your pumpkin kicked my pumpkin off the porch, down the curb, and into the gutter. In fact, super-slacker didn't even carve pumpkins this year! Super-slacker also hasn't ran in four months. So, I guess that means you to kick me off the porch, down the curb, and into the gutter!

    I'm proud of you, Jina Marie! You are amazing!

  2. @Linda SWell, that's really nice of you to say about my sucky pumpkin. I still highly disliked it.

    And, you are no super-slacker! You've got a bunch of other things happening. And, I remember your race times ... you'd fly by me!

    Thanks, friend!

  3. At least you carved a pumpkin! We didn't even do that this year. Boo us. I think it looks good! But yeah, those patterns can be a pain.
    It's race month!! :D


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