November 29, 2011

A week later, I ran

So, I didn't make it to my running group on Sunday morning. That unmotivated feeling I was having really didn't go away. But, I did run tonight (for the first time since my half marathon). In the craptastically hot gym. On a dreadtreadmill.

I just ran 3 easy miles, and it felt good – aside from the smothering heat and limited air circulation. The fan was working tonight, but it only hits at ankle level. This is better than nothing, and I can't say I mind having cool ankles, but I'd appreciate some air movement on the remaining 99% of my body.

To pass the time, I watched part of "Kourtney and Kim Take New York" (and some Monday Night Football) ... please tell me why I'm still watching the Kardashians? Oh, yeah. I got hooked when Kim was dating Reggie Bush. I watched each episode in hopes of catching a glimpse of gorgeous Reggie, and thankfully, I got those glimpses. But, he and Kim are broken up, and have been for years ... well, at least a year (this girl moves fast). I just never quit watching. But, I think you'll understand why I needed to watch it.


Now, I don't need to watch it. That Kris Humphries guy seems like a jerk, and a severe step down from Reggie. But, if that silly show is on, I'll watch it. It's not a must watch, but if it's on, I'll usually see what's up.

Tomorrow, I'm back to running outside with my group. And without the Kardashians.


  1. sigh, reality tv has a weird way of just sucking us in!! i never watch the kardashians but if it happens to be on and i happen to flip past it i inevitably get pulled in to the train wreck that is them. its too hard to not watch!

    and yayyy for finally running again!! :)

  2. @Happy Healthy Runner I can watch almost any celeb-reality show, unfortunately.

  3. Could you move the fan up? hahaha, or bring a fan boy into the gym with you. That should work.

    I've never seen anything Kardasian. Although, I do think it's funny that you think Kris is a step down from Reggie (I don't know either of those guys though, so I have no clue. You're probably right) because I feel like Kim is the step down. :-)

  4. I like your thinking. Fan boy it is!

    You are SO right. Reggie and Kris are both professional athletes, and Kim is a professional ... hmmm, I don't even think she qualifies as professional.


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