November 5, 2011

Day 38 (Nov. 3)

After last week's terrible-awful-horrible-dreadful-hated tempo run, I was a little nervous about this week.

We did a repeat of last week (10-minute warm up, 30-minute temp run and 15-minute cool down), so I felt like it was a chance to redeem myself ... then I realized I forgot my Garmin watch, so I figured things wouldn't go that well. But, I judged pace by others around me and my running buddy. I felt we were going at a pretty good pace for me (this is still slow to everyone else). About halfway through our run, our coach ran with us. He told us our pace, and I was shocked. He ran with us the rest of the way and kept us at this pace for the tempo run and slowed us down for our cool down. 

I think forgetting my Garmin was the best thing that could have happened. It was nice to not be addicted to my watch for the night. As much as I love it, sometimes I think I rely on it too much, obsess over it and even limit myself because of it. I worry about going too fast (hahaha! I'm so slow this is a ridiculous statement.), so I stick to a comfortable pace based on my Garmin. Just going by feel was a great break and a good reality check. I can go faster than I have been; I don't have to stick to my safe times. Maybe this turtle will eventually be a bunny.

A happy turtle after a faster than normal tempo run


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