November 14, 2011

Day 42 (Nov. 14)

Since I spent this past weekend in Kansas, I didn't do my long run on Sunday with the training group. Instead, I spent time with my family and recovered from tailgating and a four-OT Kansas State football game (yes, FOUR). K-State won, but man. My nerves were shot.

Woo-hoo! Victory after four OTs!

Losers! I'd post a picture of the winning team, but I sat by the visiting team's ramp.

My sweet purple shoes that I am certain contributed to a Wildcat victory.
So, after recovering from the madness, I decided to run tonight with my best running buddy, Caroline. Since I hated my 11-mile run, my main goal tonight for our 6-7-mile run (we did 6.5 miles) was to enjoy it. I was hoping it would go well since it is the last long (taper) run before the race. And, it did! I wouldn't say it was the best run ever, but it definitely wasn't the worst either. I mostly enjoyed it, and I felt good throughout.

The only real issue was my breathing. Not an I'm-exerting-myself-too-much-and-I-can't-breathe feeling, but more of a the-air-is-thick-or-the-neck-of-my-shirt-is-choking-me feeling. It was really humid, so that probably played into it. Also, it was low tide, and the smelliness of the bay could have played into it, too. I've got some leftover allergy issues from Kansas, so that may have been an issue as well. But, my fear is: it's nerves. Yeah, I know I said I was ready to rock this half marathon, and I am, but I've started panicking. Among my many, many fears:
  • What if I can't breathe during the race?
  • What if I sprain my ankle, leg, knee, toe, some other body part I'm not thinking of?
  • What if I get sick before the race?
  • What if it's too hot (I'm obsessively checking the forecast, and it looks kind of warm)?
  • What if I'm not hydrated?
  • What if I'm not fueled properly?
  • What if I completely bomb the race after almost four months of training? (This is my biggest fear.)
So, now I'm freaking out as opposed to being excited. I'm so happy I joined my training group because I'd be nowhere near prepared if it wasn't for the group and my coaches, but ... it adds another level of pressure. I feel like people expect a lot out of me. "This girl's been training for months. She better not suck." Ack! I'm nervous. And worried. And anxious.


  1. You won't suck. You will be ready. We all have those doubts though, so remember that you're not alone. Have faith in your training and have faith in yourself that YOU ARE READY! :)

  2. @Jenny @ The Little J-Bird Thanks, Jenny! I'm feeling a *little* less nervous today. This is the most prepared I've ever been going into a race, so I should be ready ...

  3. take a deep breath (yes, you CAN breathe!) and relax YOU ARE GOING TO DO AWESOME!! :) I agree with Jenny - trust your training, you'll be fine!

  4. @Happy Healthy Runner I'm feeling better today. Breathing does help. :c) And, thanks!


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