November 21, 2011

Women’s Half Marathon, St. Petersburg, Florida, Nov. 20, 2011: race review (Part 1)

Well, because I’m being extremely wordy, I decided to break this review in two. Part 1 chronicles the day before the race (race expo, preparation) and Part 2 will chronicle the actual race and aftermath.
I keep hearing that solid sleep two nights before a race is important. So, I took this to heart and slept a glorious 11 hours on Friday night. If there’s one thing I can do, it is sleep!
So, after getting my bearings, hydrating incessantly and watching a little “Beverly Hills 90210” (this show, the original version, still rocks), I decided to hit up the race expo.
I basically live in St. Petersburg (technically, I’m in Clearwater, but St. Pete is right across the street), so I knew where I was headed: the spiffy Renaissance Vinoy Resort. Visiting Major League Baseball teams stay at this hotel, so I’m familiar with it due to my stalking autograph-seeking.

After picking up my race bib (very cool that they were personalized) and goodie bag, I followed signs to the T-shirt pickup area and expo.

Not only is it cute, it contained lip gloss and Chomps (two of my favorite things)
Cute shirt, but as with most running shirts, it is too short (on me)
I’ve never been to a race expo, but I thought this one rocked! I loved being able to see all of the cool running gear I’ve seen online or in magazines in person. I had my second stint as a cover model (as an intern, I rocked the cover of Produce Merchandising magazine) and got to pose for Running Women’s Magazine (I keep waiting patiently for this photo to be posted. I am still waiting. Still somewhat patiently. When they do post them, and if mine is not too hideous, I will post it here).

My supermodel days: the cover shot for Produce Merchandising magazine
For a nasty, sweaty girl like me, the Bondi Band booth was a welcome sight. I’ve wanted to try them to help with my sweat-dripping-into-my-eyes problem. So, I grabbed one (in purple, of course). When I say grabbed, I mean I picked it out and paid for it (not that I grabbed it and ran).
Save me from my sweatiness, oh Bondi Band
After the expo, I headed to Target (while hydrating incessantly) to grab toothpaste. Toothpaste is one of those things that I always stockpile. I usually have two to three tubes in reserve. Somehow, Saturday morning, I couldn’t find any. I finally found a dollop in a travel tube that I eeked out. After grabbing toothpaste and many other items (darn you, Target), I headed out.

Next stop: Olive Garden to pick up my pre-race meal. Problem: my car died pulling out of the Target parking spot. PANIC! I tried for what seemed like hours (realistically it was probably 5 minutes) to get my car started. All the while, my main concern: How am I going to get to the race tomorrow (behind this concern: How do I get home? Who do I call? Where am I going to have my car towed? How much is this going to cost?)?!? Finally, the car started. Whew!
I pulled into a to-go parking spot at Olive Garden and left my car running. With the keys in it and the windows down. I was unconcerned for two reasons: (1). My car is crappy and (2). The Olive Garden door holder opener and the 532 people waiting for a table were witnesses to anyone wanting to steal my piece of crap car (sorry, car, I love you, but you’ve seen better days).
I made it home, pondered options for how to make it to the race if my car wouldn’t start (finally decided on a taxi there and a ride home with a friend that was coming to the race), ate my dinner, laid out my race outfit, filled my water bottle, packed my Chomps, charged my Garmin and called it a night. I made it to bed by about 10:30 p.m. for a 5 a.m. wake-up call. Not bad.
I had a dream that I ran a fabulous race, got my medal and adoration from my many fans (like I said, this was a dream). I was a little irritated when I woke up that I had to run another half marathon. 


  1. I love it: "I was a little irritated that I had to run another half marathon!" Too funny--sounds like me! I also whole-heartedly agree that the original 90210 rocks.

    Can't wait to read the rest! Did your car hold up for the race???

  2. Dang it Melissa beat me to it - my favorite part of this entire post was your last sentence (in agreement with Melissa's comment above :-D)

    I can't wait to read the rest either - get to posting!!! :) :) Love the original 90210, never seen the new one. I am an oldies fan of the show 4-eva. ;-)

  3. @hungryhealthyhappy I fully believed that I already ran the race! Talk about annoying. :c)

    I'm always a happy girl when I can find some 90210!

  4. @Happy Healthy Runner I hate that dreams can be so realistic sometimes.

    The next part is just about done. I've been a typing fool (too bad I couldn't find any 90210 while writing it). :c)

  5. Nice swag! I too LOVE lip gloss! :) Can't wait to hear the rest!


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