November 7, 2011

Day 39 (Nov. 6)

I hated almost everything about this 11-mile run, including:
  • I ran almost the entire 11 miles by myself. My coach ran with me for about one mile at the beginning, and then I was on my own for the entire time until the last ½ mile when my assistant coach ran to the finish with me.
  • My lower back hurt. Bad. I haven’t really run into much pain throughout this training, so I guess it all hit on this run. Gee, thanks.
  • It was a mental battle from start to finish. I just wanted to give up. I had to talk myself out of quitting almost the entire 11 miles.
  • I did not see Derek Jeter! Come on, dude. Why couldn’t you step out of your house and wave or just drive by?
Showing your face could have saved my run.
As much as I hated it, I guess there were some good things:
  • I ran the entire way. I stopped a few times to stretch (to try and help my pesky stiff back) and to get water, but no walking. I was worried even stopping to do those things would ruin my rhythm (not that I really had any). But, I was able to stop, stretch or get water, and keep going.
  • I ran faster than I expected for running by myself. I kept the same pace as I did running 10 miles and what I *hope* to run during the race.
  • I felt great toward the end. My back loosened up, the end was in sight, and I felt stronger those last two miles than I did the previous 9 miles.
  • My last mile was my fastest mile!
So, this was it: the last long run before the race. I think I put a lot of pressure on myself knowing that. I wanted it to be the best ever. And, it wasn’t. But, I did it. I ran 11 miles, and I despised almost every second of it.


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