October 31, 2011

Day 36 (Oct. 30)

I didn’t think a 10-mile run could be better than last week, but I was wrong.
This week’s run rocked, and I knocked it out in 7 less minutes than the week before (I think I also cut 7 minutes off my drive to our meeting spot due to running late). Thanks extremely cool weather! Oh, and thanks previous 12 weeks of training.
This was especially awesome because I didn’t go to sleep until 2 a.m. due to Halloween fun at the senior prom with a bloody twist-themed party. Much like the week before, I had a vow to only have two beers and leave by midnight … I stuck to the two-beer rule. But, darn! That party was so fun! I kept extending the time we were going to leave. It ended up being 12:45 a.m. by the time we left.

(On a side note: after the initial fear of looking like a panda or raccoon, I ended up looking less like a cute, cuddly animal, but still not really frightening ... and perhaps still like a panda. I’ve never really been anything scary for Halloween (it was a big no-no growing up).)

Then, I did not account for the excessive amount of time it would take to de-bloody-twisty me. That hair color spray turns what was once soft, freshly washed hair into a crispy, rats’ nesty mess. It took thorough brushing, then washing, and then gobs of conditioner and a comb to get my hair back to normal. Not to mention washing off all the face paint that didn’t want to come off. So, after all that madness, I went to sleep in the wee hours of the morning to wake up less than 5 hours later.
This is where cutting time off my drive to our training group meeting spot came into play. Since I didn’t want to wake up after less than 5 hours of sleep, I kept delaying it. Well, I delayed it too long. And, I turned what is normally a 22-minute drive into a 15-minute drive. Thanks, cops, for being somewhere other than on my route.
After arriving in a frenzy, the run was so peaceful and enjoyable. A little chilly at first (near 60 degrees to begin the run), but that’s perfect (for running purposes only). There was also a breeze, which helped to keep things cool.
Again, I must express my love for the GU Chomps. I’m so happy I found these delicious little nuggets of energy! They’re easy to eat and help me avoid that choking-unable-to-breath feeling of the energy gels. I pop a few along the run, and I’m good to go.
And go I did (for 10 miles)! I felt great throughout the run, even with my faster than usual pace. I started to tire a little bit toward the end, but I guess that’s to be expected.
It was a great run, but I still did not spot Derek Jeter. I’ve got one more long run (11 miles next week) to see him. It’s your last chance, Jeter. Show your face. Step out of your house. Drive by. Something.


  1. Well done 10 miles!
    I'd give you some GU chomps if you could make it 60 degrees here. It was in the 20's a few days ago. Wah!

  2. Thank you. Eeek! I can't handle 20 degrees! I can only handle 60 degrees for running. I think anything below 75 is chilly.


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