October 25, 2011

Day 34 (Oct. 25)

Oh, you dreaded speed workout. Oh, you pesky intervals. You’re definitely not my favorite. In fact, I’d rather run 10 miles than deal with you most days.
It takes pumping myself up in the car and taking awkward car photos to prepare myself. 
Our training group workout today: run for a total of 55 minutes with a 10-minute warm up, then five, four-minute hard intervals with a four-minute recovery jog in between each. Whatever time remaining is used as a cool down (I guess I could do the math and figure out the minutes, but my brain isn’t ready or willing to do complicated math at this time of the day … anyway, I think you get the idea).
After mass confusion at the beginning (due to a changing start time that some people knew about and some didn’t or maybe it affected only the marathon runners and not the half marathon runners … I’m still confused), the run turned out to be pretty great. I ran with a different group tonight because our groups were split (the marathoners and some half marathoners took off before the rest of us … like I said, I’m still confused). I went way faster than normal at the beginning. This, of course, led me to go slower toward the end. I’m still not very good at establishing a good fast interval speed. Well, it didn’t help I was with a faster group either.
Overall, it was still a good workout. I’d like to find my happy pace on those faster intervals at some point, but I guess I’ll just keep trying.


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