October 20, 2011

Day 31 (Oct. 18)

Ah, the Tuesday run that wasn’t.
I’m not really sure what happened. I was feeling a little blah-grumpy-annoyed (for no reason), my stomach was a little iffy, and I had it in my head that there were going to be heavy thunderstorms (the weather people told me this – I didn’t just make it up). After the last heavy thunderstorm incident, I’m a little hesitant about driving to my running group meeting location (without a boat). So, I guess all of these factors played into me not going to run.
Of course, when I left work, there were no thunderstorms in sight. There was a sprinkle here or there, but no significant rain (lying weather people!). And, no lightning to be seen (thank goodness – I hate that stuff). So, the weather wasn’t really a factor. It was just my attitude. And, that irritates me.

I know I would have felt better had I gone to run. I always do. I just couldn’t get myself there. Man, I was unhappy with myself for not going. I still am, actually.
I'm even more unhappy at myself for not making up the run (55 minutes with four, five-minute intervals). I guess this is my first skip of running group. But, knowing how I felt for skipping it will definitely make me never do it again.


  1. ah, everybody has off days - i wouldn't beat yourself up about it. just keep moving forward instead :) have a great weekend!!

  2. Excellent advice! I went running last night, and I feel back on track. Have a fabulous weekend yourself! :c)


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