October 26, 2011

Sad no more

I find myself getting depressed because my training is coming to an end – not excited because my first half marathon is approaching. I should be pumped – my half marathon is less than a month away (Women’s Half Marathon in St. Petersburg, Florida, on Nov. 20), and I feel ready to rock this race. But, I’m just sad. I don’t want this to end.
(This is an old photo, but my dog and I were feeling sad about something … just like I am now.)
So, what’s a girl to do? Sign up for her next half marathon training and race!
I’m going to be rocking and rolling in St. Petersburg, Florida, on Feb. 12 at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon! And, I’m staying with the same coach and training group to help me dominate this race. Yay! Feelings of sadness gone! Feelings of excitement, fun and challenge are back!


  1. you are way too cute - signing up for races ALWAYS makes me happy!! congrats on signing up for your second half marathon :) :) you will rock your first AND your second I'm sure! And being in training keeps me significantly more motivated to stay in shape then when i don't have anything to train for.

  2. Thanks! Yay for races! :c) I'm worried I'd lose all my progress if I didn't sign up for another race. I don't want to start back at the beginning. I'm so happy now!


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