October 10, 2011

A rest day with Tad Hamilton

Well, in my debate to make up my 8-mile long vs. not make it up, not make it up won.

My legs have felt fatigued the last two times I ran, so I figured I could use the rest. Also, interval Tuesday is tough! I don't know if I could handle it after running 8 miles the day before. I can barely handle it on its own. 

So, instead of squeezing in 8 miles on a Monday night, I rested ... while cleaning my turtles' tank, washing dishes and watching a very underappreciated movie, "Win a Date With Tad Hamilton!" I love this movie. This totally solidified that I made the right decision by choosing a rest day. Thank you, Tad Hamilton.

It's probably cheesy and unrealistic, but I find it quite humorous. And, I can't pull my eyes away from anything that stars Josh Duhamel. 

I know I'm supposed to want Rosalee (Kate Bosworth) to choose her true love, Pete (Topher Grace), but I think she makes a terrible decision. Absolutely terrible. Pete over Tad (Josh Duhamel)? Puh-leaze. Pete is whiny, annoying and unattractive. He grates on my nerves. But, Tad, beautiful Tad. Ahh, he's just so darn appealing. I know he's the wrong choice, but I don't care about being right in this instance (and I'm pretty darn competitive, so this is a big sacrifice ... huge). 

But, I digress. I hope I don't regret hanging out with Tad Hamilton. Ahem, sorry ... I was dreaming there for a second. I hope I don't regret taking a rest day. This was my one week to run 8 miles. Next week, we're up to 9 miles. Eek! 


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