October 17, 2011

Day 30 (Oct. 16)

Sunday was definitely not my best running day, but I managed to run 9 miles.
When I say “not my best,” I mean it was really pretty terrible toward the end. As in, I debated about sitting on the ground, crying and throwing an all-out temper tantrum about finishing. As in, if there was a serial killer driving by in a kidnap van who asked if I wanted a ride, I'd say "yes" without hesitation. But, I finished, and I feel a total sense of accomplishment. And, it seems ridiculous that I wanted to throw a temper tantrum or was willing to take a ride with a serial killer.
The run started out fabulous. The weather was beautiful and the big, scary sun was hidden behind the clouds. There was even a nice breeze.
And, the views along the run were awesome. I saw a dolphin in the bay. Unfortunately, I did not see Derek Jeter (he lives in the area where we run), but I’m still holding out hope.

Things were going really well. Then, around mile 6, I started to feel all my energy disappearing. After another half of an energy gel (thanks to my running buddy, Caroline), I powered through for awhile longer. But, my energy was fading fast. My legs felt heavy. And, when the pesky bridge appeared, I had to walk up it and down it before starting again.
I ran for awhile longer, but then had to take another walk break. After encouragement from Caroline (and some electrolyte drink from her, too — it’s time for me to invest in a water belt; my baby bottle just isn’t cutting it anymore), we ran the rest of the way (1+ miles). It was during this last mile that I was considering my temper tantrum or ride with a serial killer. I just didn’t feel like I had the energy to complete the run. I wasn’t in pain; I just didn’t feel like I could lift my legs, which is rather detrimental when trying to run. It was the best feeling to hear that Garmin watch beep at the 9-mile mark and arrive back at our starting point.
It’s amazing how quickly you recover. After stopping and doing some stretching, I felt great. Happy even. When people asked how the run went, I even replied, “Good.” Completing the long run makes me forget how bad it may have been during. That feeling of accomplishment just overwhelms me, and any troubles are forgotten.
As per usual when I have a bad run, I started evaluating what went wrong. I think I easily pinpointed the problem. I just didn’t eat much on Saturday. I really need to work on fuelling myself properly for these long runs. I don’t eat breakfast the morning of a long run, so what I eat for dinner is extremely important. Remembering that feeling of heavy legs and being on the verge of a temper tantrum hopefully will help me to never forget the importance of having the right fuel.  


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