October 17, 2011

Day 29 (Oct. 13)

I highly dislike Thursdays. We even started the I Hate Thursday Club at work. Seriously, it’s that bad. Maybe that’s why I like running on Thursday. It helps get rid of all that awful workday stress.
This Thursday, we had a 50-minute run with a 10-minute warm up, 25-minute hard interval, followed by a 15-minute cool down. The hard interval was tough, but manageable. I maintained about a one-minute faster pace than normal during the hard interval.
My reward (besides running) for making it through Thursday: sushi + “Jersey Shore,” which equals happiness to me. As much as I dread Thursday workdays, I love Thursday nights (as long as work doesn’t spill into the evening). After running, I make a stop at the grocery store to grab sushi (yes, it’s actually really good), take a walk with my dog, and then I head to the Shore. This show fascinates me. I laugh at every episode – even though I probably shouldn’t.

Thanks to running, sushi and “Jersey Shore,” Thursdays became more bearable.


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