May 1, 2012

Running (and other randomness)

Since Florida feels like the surface of the sun (but more humid) from now until at least September, my race schedule drops off dramatically. As in basically nothing except one (maybe two) 5Ks until November. 

Surface of the sun (but more humid): craptastic
gym and outdoors (May-September)
 So, I decided to start dreaming about next race season ... just about six months in advance. 

And, I think I want to do a local halfathon challenge that involves four half marathons: October (Halloween race, and I think I require a costume), December, January and March, in addition to the Women's Half Marathon in November and Rock 'n' Roll in February. Six in six months. That's doable, right?

I keep hesitating because one race involves big, scary bridges. There's no way I'd sign up for the race on its own, but as part of a package deal, I'd have to do it. And challenge myself. I need that. 

Now for other randomness: 
  • Jessica Simpson had her baby today! I shrieked a little when I heard it. I'm that excited. What I'm not excited about is that little Miss Maxwell Drew Johnson missed my birth month by a day. One day! I kind of love her name (and her mom), so I'll forgive her.
Maxwell's mom at the best concert ever
  • I didn't try almond butter for the longest time because of it's pricey status. Um, $11 per jar? Is this normal? Do others actually pay this price? I found it on sale for $4.99 and could handle that. Problem is I now love it, but I refuse to pay double-digits for some nut butter. 
  • I'm looking forward to a May trip to spend time with these crazy peeps.
Hmm. Maybe I'm the crazy one.

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  1. Six halves in six month? You can totally do it! Think of all the fun medals (I may have a weird obsession with obtaining them so may not be the best judge).


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