May 2, 2012

The craptastic gym saga

You may remember that I recently did something brilliant. 

I stole the fan from the craptastic condo gym's weight room and put it on top of the elliptical in front of the treadmill. Genius, if I do say so myself.

When I say stole, I really mean borrowed. Even though I thought both the cardio and weight area equally deserved a fan, I put it back where I found it.

Every craptastic gym visit, I went to the weight room, grabbed the fan, set it up, ran and then replaced the fan when I was done. 

Until I saw this.

 Yes, those are TWO fans in the weight area. Uncool, weight room. Uncool.

So, at that point, I decided it was OK to leave one in the cardio area. Cardio folks deserve air movement, too. We're sure not getting it by opening the windows.

So, I left a fan in the cardio area. Seems fair, right?

Well, last night I arrived at the craptastic gym and found this.

Yes, that's a new fan with "DO NOT REMOVE" written on the bottom. Perplexing. 

When I went to the weight room to see what was up with their fans, I found this on the door. 

 And, the door was locked.

So, this leaves me with many questions:
  • How does an entire weight room because inoperable? I understand if a machine didn't work, but the whole room?
  • What happened in there? Did someone have 'roid rage because it was too hot with only one fan? Or did someone sweat so much with only fan that the room needed to be fumigated?
  • Did I have anything to do with the fan with the giant "DO NOT REMOVE" message? Or was that directed at weight room fan hogs?

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  1. Oh what a mystery. You could have thrown the whole universe out of whack with your fan movement.


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