May 21, 2012

Ready to rock

I got an email for my training group for the Women's Half Marathon. I got all excited, and then looked at the date it starts: August 16. 

Darn. That's still a long way away. 

I'm ready now. Nice change of pace from my nervous-as-heck attitude last year.  

My running confidence has really improved. 

So much so that I'm still debating (and leaning more toward doing it than not) doing a local halfathon challenge (four half marathons between October and March, in addition to the Women's Half Marathon in November and the Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon in February).

And, I'm really looking forward to it. And, not nervous. Or concerned about my abilities. 

I want to decrease my time. Not "just finish." 

Bring it on. August, are you here yet?

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  1. The halfathon sounds fun. It is a nice feeling when you know not only can you finish but you can be a little more competitive:).


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