May 30, 2012

Another running worry

Running at night is my thing. Because of this, I always try to stay alert and don't listen to music. I'm always on the lookout for Creepy McCreeperson. But, I'd never think to look out for eggs

This happened along an extremely popular running route in the Tampa Bay area. During training, I run that route every Sunday morning (ugh, yes, morning). 

Isn't there enough to worry about while running? From the basic concerns like falling down, injuring myself, overheating or having a bad run to watching out for before-mentioned Creepy McCreeperson, I think my worry quota is satisfied.

Have you heard of anything like this happening? I haven't, but I'm still fairly new to running (a little more than one serious year).


  1. Craziest thing I've ever heard! Some people are real jerks. Be careful out there, apparently! I usually run music-less regardless, but its a great way to stay aware!


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