May 7, 2012

No morning runs for me ... for awhile

I went to a Cinco de Mayo/Kentucky Derby/graduation party on Saturday. Considering I didn’t drink tequila or Corona, I didn’t have one bite of Mexican food, we didn’t watch the Kentucky Derby or wear fun hats, I guess it really was just a graduation party. But, it was awesome. 

These peeps had the coolest yard ever complete with a pool, aviary and rooftop deck.

I am sporting some pretty awesome windblown bangs on the rooftop deck.
Being the awesome blogger that I am, I got so wrapped up in competitive games of ladder ball that I forgot to take one photo after the rooftop deck photo. Perhaps the black raspberry vodka had something to do with it, too. Ahem.

But, the important thing is: I dominated at ladder ball. I'm just a wee bit competitive.  

Normally, I'd be worrying about what time we were leaving the party and when I needed to start chugging water since Sundays are long run days. But, since I ditched the running group for a few months, I didn't have to worry about those things. I just had to worry about winning ladder ball.

I'm not a morning person (at all), so without the group peer pressure, I'm not waking up early to run. Running at night is more my thing.

Welcome, my new long run night: Monday. Yes, Monday. I'm keeping my "long" runs between 5 and 8 miles now, so even for a turtle like me, that's an hour and a half at the most. Totally doable on a Monday night. 


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