May 11, 2012

Why I run at night

In Florida, I have two choices when running outside: early morning or night. I choose night, and here's why. 
  1. I’m a natural night owl that dreads the morning. Gosh, I hate waking up early. It’s one of my least favorite things; it always has been. I wake up with just enough time to get ready. That’s it. No extras. I think I’d start to dread running if I had to wake up early to do it (races and training group runs are the exceptions). 
  2. There is no big, scary sun to contend with. I burn easy. I get hot easy. I need to avoid this ball of fire if at all possible. 
  3. There are limited (or no) people out at this time. I usually run around an almost 3-mile loop in my neighborhood. It gets very competitive in the morning and early evening. When my dad was visiting, he got stressed out trying to walk the dog because of all the congestion. There are runners, walkers, bikers, strollers and dogs everywhere. It's cool I live in an active area, but sheesh, I hate dodging all the traffic. 
  4. It's peaceful. Because of reason #3, it's quiet. I love this.
  5. It's dark. If anyone does happen to be around, they don't have to clearly see my sweaty, red-faced self.
Of course, running at night isn't perfect. Here's why.
  1. There are limited (or no) people out at this time. Thankfully, I live in a safe area, and I've never had any issues, but I realize this could be a problem. I play it safe and never listen to music and stay alert. 
  2. Bugs, specifically no-see-ums. If I go out at the wrong time, these bugs are everywhere. I come back from a run with a sweaty face plastered with bugs. It's a cute look.
  3. It can get pushed aside. If work gets crazy, and I have to spend half the night proofreading, running gets bumped. Thankfully, that doesn't happen too often.
  4. It's more humid ... or at least it feels that way. In Florida, it really doesn't matter the time of day, it's humid. Really humid. But, I think it's more humid at night. I have no scientific evidence to back this up, though.
My sweaty self after a humid night run


  1. bugs... haha "it's a cute look". love it.

    what do you do for a living that has you proof-reading?

    1. I'm a proofreader at an accounting firm (it's better than it sounds ... really).

  2. next time you sport the bug look take a picture and post it...that would be too cute!!! Also I hate humid and running in the heat of the day so I get up early or go out late after the sun starts to go down...blessings!

    1. Thankfully, I've missed the bugs lately! If I do get a face full of them, I'll post the cute look. :c)

  3. Even drenched with sweat, you still look beautiful. I'm jealous. I rock the post-run oompa-loompa look no matter what time of day I run.

    1. Aww, thanks Linda! This was after a cool-down walk, so it's much better than immediately after or during. Talk about a red face!

      Hahaha! Oompa-loompa look. That cracks me up.


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