May 31, 2012

Road trips: you're not my favorite

I'm currently packing and cleaning and getting ready to start driving to South Carolina. I'm not excited about it. I hate long car rides, and this one is double-digit hours. So while trying to avoid the inevitable, I decided to be random.
  • Yay for Jessica Simpson and her baby girl, Maxwell Drew, being on the cover of People! I'm getting it to take on my road trip. Oh, wait ... I guess I should focus on driving. I probably can't be trusted with it in the car.
I love them! (source)
  • Speaking of road trips, I loathe them. (Did I mention this? Well, it's worth mentioning again and again.) I'd fly everywhere if I could. Chloe appreciates me driving, though.
  • I want to like road trips. They sound like they could be fun. Maybe with the right people, music, snacks and destination? I don't know. I think I'll still find sitting in a car for hours and hours and hours tedious.
  • If you're asking yourself, "Didn't Jina just return from a trip?", you'd be correct. I did. I wouldn't plan it like this, but you can't schedule graduations when you want. 
  •  I struggle with running while traveling. I prepare. I pack my running clothes. I schedule when I'll run, and then ... nothing. I know most people love exploring a city by running. That scares me. I like knowing where I am and how I can get back to where I started (the safe way).
  • Back to Jessica Simpson (I find myself saying that constantly), as predicted she joined forces with Weight Watchers to lose the baby weight. She is so darn smart, even if she thinks buffalo wings are from buffaloes. 


  1. Have a lovely and safe trip! Road trips are fun if you have the right people in the car. I get carsick easily though so breaks are a must, snacks are a must and planned scenic pit-stops are a must :)

    Good music helps too!

    1. Thanks! I get carsick, too ... that could explain why I don't like road trips. This one wasn't as bad as I was thinking. Good music is a necessity!

  2. Hope the road trip wasn't too bad. Shoot me an email when you get a chance sacotta@gmail with mailing address when you get a chance. You won some Nuun! Oh and I nominated you for a One Lovely Blog Award cause you rock:)I posted about it.

    1. The trip went better than expected, but I'm happy it's over (at least the driving part).

      And, yay! I won! That is so awesome!

      And, thank you so much for the award! I think you rock, too.


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