May 24, 2012

For the love of the half

I got tired of thinking, debating, mulling over, questioning and wondering whether to do the Florida halfathon challenge, so I channeled my inner Nike and just did it.

I’m officially registered for six half marathons this race season:
I loved the Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon. It made me happy.
  • March 17, 2013: Beach Half (part of halfathon challenge)

I guess you could say I’m addicted.

A half marathon is the longest distance I’ve run, and it’s by far my favorite. I love the steady, enjoyable pace of a long run.

I used to like 5Ks, but I’m a little disappointed in my times lately. So, now I hate them. OK, not really. I’m just a little soured on them. It’s not them, it’s me.

I’ve only done one 10K, and it was fine. But, I just didn’t find a love for that distance.

But, half marathons and I, we’re crazy about each other.


  1. Love it! Are you gonna dress up for the Halloween half?

    1. Definitely! I love costumes, but I've never dressed up for a race. I don't think my Elvis suit will work.

  2. So cute! I was searching for an image of the Miles for Moffitt finish line and I stumbled upon your blog. Nice to meet you!

    I agree. There's just something about that half marathon distance that is perfect. My 5K times haven't been the greatest either. It's like I have to run farther for my time to be better. I guess my body is just warming up after a 5K.

    I am debating about doing the Halloween Halfathon, but then there's the Living Dead Challenge by Big Dawg Running that sounds like fun too. I've registered for the Holiday Half so I'll definitely be there and I'll probably volunteer at the Women's Half again this year.

    1. Oh, no ... my embarrassing "stop at the wrong finish line" photo lead you here! Haha! Glad you found me even if it was that.

      That must be it! My body is just getting warmed up at a 5K ... or that's what I'm going to say from now on! Silly 5Ks.

      I'm excited about the Holiday Half. Maybe I'll meet you there!

  3. You go girl!! That's awesome! The half is definitely my favorite distance! :)


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