April 30, 2012

A running-less vacation

This vacation, I was going to run.

I was prepared; I had the equipment. 

 I had the resources: a treadmill at the hotel and plenty of land for an outside run.

This was going to my triumphant post about how I finally conquered the beast and ran on vacation. Yeah, that didn't happen.

Instead, this happened.

Best salad ever at perhaps the best restaurant ever
Perhaps the best restaurant with the best salad ever has the best location 

One of the best drinks ever at the best bar EVER. Seriously.
The best bar EVER deserves two photos. Oh, and that sticker:
best ghost tour ever. Even better: the best bar EVER is on the
best ghost tour ever. (Look for ghosts in the photo. I'm ghostly
pale, but I'm not a ghost. Promise.)

Another stop on the best ghost tour ever         

Scariest stop on the best ghost tour ever
Awesome local band
Awesome shopping and people watching
More awesome shopping and people watching
As you can see, New Orleans rocked. I loved the food, the music, the people, the history.

The highlights:
  • Perhaps the best restaurant ever: Cafe Degas. Yum. 
  • The best bar EVER: Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop Bar. And, one of the best drinks: hurricane. I shy away from sweet drinks. I'm a beer and wine kind of girl. Or tequila. Or vodka. Or rum. Or bourbon. Just nothing too terribly sweet. Our tour guide on the best ghost tour ever (Haunted History Tours) recommended the hurricane here, saying they made it with real fruit juice (healthy, right?) and not the syrupy sweet fruit punch mix that most bars use. I was sold. Honestly, selling me alcohol is not that difficult. But, the drink was awesome. I loved it. And I went back for another after the tour. 
  • The scariest stop on the ghost tour: Lalaurie Mansion. Freakishly scary stuff. And, my celebrity-loving self loved hearing that Nicolas Cage owned this place at one time (before the bank foreclosed on it). 
Although I had a fabulous time, I'm still a failure at running on vacation. The most action my running shoes saw was being worn for walking around by my boyfriend (sadly, with my large boats of feet plus the size up for running shoes, they fit him fine). But, I'm improving: I did come prepared. Next time, in addition to the vacation fun, I'll add some running fun to my trip.


  1. Looks like so much fun. I always say I am gonna run on vacation and if it happens it is always on the last day. I love your earrings in the pics. Very cute!

    1. I realized I wore those earrings every day when I was looking at the pictures. They're versatile, I guess ... or at least I thought so.

  2. New Orleans is such a fun town! :) Glad you had a good trip!


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