April 11, 2012

Wacky Wednesday

  • I didn't bring my lunch today. I almost always bring my lunch or have a backup lunch in a drawer at work. Not even a backup lunch today. So, after years of never going to Subway, I went. And, I fell in love. Oh, delicious turkey on wheat with all the vegetables (minus green pepper and onion) with extra pickles and low-fat honey mustard, where have you been so many years of my life?? At Subway, you say. Hmm. I need to hit that place more often.
  • Seeing I could get a six-inch sub for $4 or upgrade to a footlong for $6, I did what any value-conscious person would do: Hello, six. Six dollar. Six dollar footlong. (Hey, I thought it was $5?). I thought I'd eat six inches and save six inches for lunch tomorrow. I thought wrong. It was so delicious, I had to have it for dinner. And, I'm already thinking about having it again tomorrow.
    This picture makes it look like slop, but it was awesome. Trust me.
  •  I saw a June bug tonight while walking my dog. Or at least that's we always called them. I guess because they come out in June? It's April, bug. What are you doing here?
Your two months early!
  • My friend is flying into Orlando on Friday and staying at another friend's timeshare there. I have a 5K on Saturday, but I'm thinking of heading over after the race. Orlando can be a traffic and tourist nightmare, but a girls' night sounds like bunches of fun. Of course, she'll be in the St. Petersburg area (where I live) on Sunday and Monday. Hmm. Such a conundrum.


  1. Subway is strangely addicting. I always get the footlong with the idea that I am gonna save half and then end up eating the whole thing. Girl's night sounds like fun!


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