April 18, 2012

Wacky Wednesday

  • After my 5K on Saturday, I headed to Winter Garden (one of the many Winter-named cities in the state to lure northern tourists) for a girls' weekend. We did some paddle-boating, quad-bike riding (not sure if this is what the four-seat, four-pedal bike is called or not) and wine drinking. Lots of wine drinking.
  • The party continued in the Bay Area on Monday night. Nothing like a Monday night party. 
Yes, I am a giant. A purple giant.
  • Jessica Simpson has not had her baby yet unless she is keeping a big secret from everyone, which I don't think she can do. Come on, baby Simpson! You can wait until my birthday now and make me one happy girl (again, for the millionth time, yes I'm pathetic). 
  • I'm leaving for New Orleans way too early tomorrow. I'm ready for a Bloody Mary and a ghost tour (and whatever else the city has to offer). Bring it on!

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  1. Have fun in New Orleans! Fingers crossed you and the Simpson babe share a bday:)


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