April 4, 2012

Wacky Wednesday

  • Due to unexpected (but not unwelcome) guests, this past weekend and week are craziness. Add to that some madness at work, and we've got ourselves a party.
  • Chloe loves having guests. As long as she's not left alone, she's a happy dog.
Please just don't leave me here by myself.

  • Every day that Jessica Simpson doesn't have her baby is a day closer to my birthday! As mentioned previously: yes, I'm pathetic.
  • College basketball ended on an awesome note. No, I'm not a Kentucky fan. I'm an anti-Kansas fan. I rooted against my school's rival the entire tournament. Finally, in the championship game, they lost. Good. I hope it's more painful that way.
  • Baseball season is here, thank goodness! 
I heart summer and baseball (and my pine tar T-shirt).


  1. Chloe is adorable! And can you believe that people are criticizing Jessica Simpsons weight gain. I mean come on she is pregnant, that is the time to stuff your face. Leave her alone. Sorry you are the only other person I know who loves Ms. Simpson like I do. Everyone else is like why the outrage?

    1. It is making me SO angry. The girl is very pregnant. Leave her alone! I'm not sure if these people realize that you gain weight when you're pregnant. It's a given. When you're 5'3", you don't have much room to grow except out. Sheesh! So, yeah. I'm just a little irritated about it.


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