June 19, 2012

Why do I run?

After any craptacular run (like last night), I wonder why I run. I'm mad and irritated that I didn't run well ... at all. But, you know what? Even in a mad, irritated and disappointed state, I can come up with a long list of reasons why I run.

I run for a challenge. Running doesn’t come easy to me. I love the challenge of running farther and getting faster (someday …).

I run for competition. Being as slow as I am, I’m obviously not competing with anyone for the top spot. In fact, I’m not competing with anyone except myself. And, that’s enough. I still have the drive to do better each time.

Competed against myself and knocked
15 minutes off my half marathon time!
I run for my health. Running is good for you. It’s good for your bones, heart, lungs, muscles, joints and mind. Those are good enough reasons for me.

I run for exercise. We all need exercise, and this is my favorite form.

I run for enjoyment. I love the feeling of running and the sense of accomplishment when I’m done.

I run for excitement. It’s exciting to run races, run new distances and run new places.

My first and only 10K
I run for happiness. It makes me happy. That’s it.

I run for blowing off steam. If I have a frustrating day, running is the best way I know to get rid of the frustration and relax.

I run for alone time. I like time to myself. Running is great for thinking, planning and plotting.

I run for friend time. It’s a great way to spend time with friends with a similar interest.

I run for outside time. I love being outside. And, I’d just prefer to never run on a treadmill (although it does happen occasionally, unfortunately).

I run for self-esteem. When you’re feeling happy and accomplished, this follows.

I run for a runner’s high. The feeling of elation after running a farther distance, a faster speed or just finishing is amazing. No matter how bad the run was, I’m always glad I did it. The after feeling makes it worth it.

I run because I love it. I think this is kinda obvious because of all of the previous reasons (and the fact that I have a running blog), but I love it. I get so much joy, satisfaction and challenge out of running that I never see myself giving it up.

Why do you run?


  1. Love this post. My run was .....special this morning (hot, hilly, grumpy) and it just kind of annoyed me but reading your post reminds me why I trudge along some days. Thanks for sharing!

  2. <3 great post. i can't wait to run again! i run because i love every.single.aspect of it. i love the good runs and the bad runs. i just love running!


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