June 21, 2012

Things that rock Thursday

Even with getting more sleep, Thursday still isn’t my favorite day. It’s better, but I’m still a proud member of the I Hate Thursdays Club.

So, what better way to counteract the negativity than with some positivity? In that spirit, here are this week’s things that rock even though Thursday doesn’t.

Greek yogurt with frozen blueberries and peaches

I buy the plain, nonfat variety of Greek yogurt. It tastes like sour cream. Unless you’re using it in place of sour cream (which I do on a regular basis and find it to rock), you gotta add something to it to make it palatable. Well, unless you enjoy eating mouthfuls of sour cream-tasting stuff. I don’t, so I’ve experimented with adding different types of fruits, and I’ve finally found my super-delicious combo: frozen blueberries and peaches. As an added bonus, the blueberries turn the yogurt almost purplish, and I love purple!

Going out on a weeknight

I went out on a Tuesday night! I had dinner! I’m a wild woman. I never go out to eat on a weeknight. But, a spur-of-the-moment decision had me eating dinner out with a friend, and I liked it. I even got all kinds of crazy by ordering a beer. I’m so used to the regular routine of going to work and coming home that I found it refreshing (and delicious).

Watching softball, not playing

I played softball for years. I liked my team. I liked playing, sort of. But, I found myself putting way too much pressure on myself. I wanted to hit better, field better and run the bases better. I wasn’t a bad player, but I just felt this intense pressure (to the point of making myself sick) to not make any mistakes. The source of the pressure: me and me alone. My teammates were great.

So, after years of playing and finally winning our league championship, I called it quits.

Best. Decision. Ever.

I’m not stressed out over something that is supposed to be fun. I can actually enjoy my Friday nights by … watching softball. I’m a pretty rockin’ cheerleader, so I’m at each game rooting for my old team (and going out with them after the game).

Watching the game with my cheerleader pal
I get asked frequently to play again, but I’ve resisted so far. I miss some aspects, but I really don’t miss being so stressed out about something that’s supposed to be fun.


  1. I love using Greek yogurt as sour cream. Then when I smother my burrito with it the burrito becomes instantly healthy. Pure magic :).

  2. I think as soon as something fun becomes a chore its time to back out, good decision. And I love using Greek yogurt in the place of sour cream, so delicious.

  3. Sometimes I like to watch horse shows rather than ride in them. Or being a spectator at a race rather than running in them. It can be a real break.

  4. ZOMG I love Greek yogurt too!!! :) So yummy!


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