June 26, 2012

Stuck at home and in the craptastic gym

Since pesky Debby is still hanging around (she didn't listen when I told her to go away), I worked at home today. I dread working at home. Dread it. I did it for three years with my last job, and that is the main reason I moved to my current job: to not work at home.

But, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Since yesterday's drive across Tampa Bay was the most horrifying driving experience of my life, I decided to sit the next day out. The conditions were still windy, rainy and tides were still higher than normal. I really didn't want a white-knuckle repeat of yesterday.

Working at home is still as dreadful as I remember, but it had to be better than that drive. And, it allowed me to do something I never do: run over lunch.

Of course, I had to do it in the craptastic gym, but it wasn't too bad. It was hot, but that's to be expected. I'm pretty happy I knocked out 3 miles in just over 33 minutes. I'm just not happy I couldn't run outside. Silly tropical storm. 

Although I did appreciate the rain on my walk back to the condo. Debby is good for something, I guess.

My coworker is not. Lazy girl did not do a thing all day. Well, unless you count sleeping and looking cute as a thing.


  1. Stay safe! I hope driving conditions improve for you. I've been getting the info from my boyfriend directly. Darn Debbie and her shenanigans :(

  2. I hate working at home too. That is one of the reasons I decided academia is not for me. I need to interact (or maybe annoy) other people during the day. Get out of the house. Have a reason to put pants on. You know the important stuff. Your dog is so freakin cute!


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