June 11, 2012

Making purposeful runs with a dreamy race

You may have noticed my running talk hasn’t been too detailed lately. I mention it, but that’s about it. That’s because there isn’t much worth mentioning.

I’m running, but it’s nothing spectacular. I feel like I’m running without a purpose, which sounds enjoyable, but it’s really not. I don’t feel like I’m pushing myself or getting better, I’m just running.

Part of that is due to recent traveling, and part of it is due to having a non-existent race schedule until October.

So, I remedied that by registering for my dream race.

OK, that may be taking it too far since it’s a 5K. But, aside from the 5K part, it’s pretty dreamy.

I’m running the Major League Baseball All-Star Game Charity 5K in Kansas City on July 8.

When I read this, I was hooked:   
 “Participants will run and walk on an All-Star themed course, featuring MLB legends, mascots and celebrity guests.”
I love baseball, I love mascots, and I love celebrities. This race is for me. 
Love (Disclaimer: I haven't read that Jessica Simpson is making an
appearance (but wouldn't that be sweet?), I just chose a celebrity).
Not only am I excited for the race, I’m excited about training for something. I need to make my runs have purpose, and I think this will do the trick.


  1. Sounds like the perfect race for you! Hop you have a blast!

    1. Thanks! Besides it being a 5K, it sounds pretty rockin'.


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