June 20, 2012

Hot up in this joint

This getting more sleep thing is really pretty awesome.

My Monday rocked. Tuesday was pretty sweet, too. We’re now at the midpoint of the week, and I’m feelin’ fine! This is groundbreaking to someone who is continually sleep-deprived.

Even though today included rain, I didn’t let it get me down – even if it meant a trip to the craptastic gym. This sleeping-enough thing is powerful, powerful stuff, people!

It was just me in the craptastic gym this time (as it should be – surely I'm the only one stupid enough to keep using it), so I picked the non-stopping treadmill, acted like the fan hog and pointed the fan directly at me, and ran for 25 minutes. I was planning on running longer, but ... 

After my run, I became even more of a fan hog. 

I was trying to do speed work and longer distance runs during my “off-season,” but I’ve decided that’s what training season is all about. Now, I just want to maintain my fitness level and have the base to begin half marathon training in August.

I’m not fast by any means, but this is faster than when I began training last year. Yikes. Talk about super slow-mo.

So, if I can maintain this “speed” and up the mileage by August 14, I’ll be a happy turtle.


  1. I think it is so awesome that you stick to running even when it means dreadmill in a craptastic, hot gym.

  2. Ahh, summer. I am just trying to maintain too. Normally I run outside but today I took advantage of a free gym pass. It was hot in there but some of their treadmills had little fans built in to the sides of the display! I still could have used more air flow but it made it a little more bearable. I actually thought to myself, "Jina needs this!"

  3. Good luck with training! It sounds like you are super pumped :)

  4. Hey faster is faster, don't undermine that! I think you're doing awesome! And seriously, toughing it out in the craptastic gym is an accomplishment on its own!


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