June 14, 2012

Things that rock Thursday

Thursday is by far my least favorite day of the workweek. My lack of sleep from earlier in the week catches up to me, so I’m miserably tired. And work-wise, it’s craziness. I guess it’s the rush before the weekend. We even started the I Hate Thursday club at work. It’s that bad.

I’ve tried thinking of it as Friday Eve. I’ve tried telling myself it’s close to the weekend. Nothing seems to work.

So, in another effort to make Thursdays more bearable, I decided to post about things that rock (even though Thursdays don’t). More positivity will cancel the negativity, right? Right?!? Please tell me I’m right.

I need this every week, so I think this is going to become a weekly feature.

Here are this week’s things that rock (even though Thursdays don’t):

You know that feeling that everyone else has tried something except for you and you’re left behind while everyone else raves about it. That happens to me a lot. You’d think I live in a cave. This happened again with Nuun. It seemed like everyone else tried it and loved it while Cavewoman Jina wondered what it was all about. But, thanks to a fabulous giveaway, I’m the proud owner of Nuun. Thanks, Bean, for pulling me out of my cave. 

Now I can jump on the Nuun train with everyone else and proclaim that this tasty, fizzy, 8-calorie electrolyte-loaded beverage is delicious and awesome. It’ll be a standard running hydration tool from now on. Take that, cave. 


Holy yum. I cannot get enough of this. I may need an intervention.

I even sacrificed and bought the seeded variety because the store was out
seedless. I hate dealing with seeds, but I hate living without watermelon more.

Die In Your Arms

Yes, I’m a 30-something woman that likes Justin Bieber. I used to be embarrassed, but not anymore. The kid is good. This song rocks my Thursday (and every other day of the week). Give me more sugary pop goodness, JB.


  1. Yay Nuun and double yay for watermelon. I ate half of one today....by myself.....in like ten minutes. Thursdays are hard for me too. I think it is that lack of sleep thing.

    1. It goes down so easy and is so delicious (both Nuun and watermelon)! I was afraid I was the only one eating half a watermelon in a day.

  2. I've never had nuun before but it looks interesting. I love cool packaging like that.

    I hope your work week ends soon so you can enjoy the weekend!

    1. You should give it a try! I like the bubbles.

  3. anyone that claims they don't love some good sugary pop every now and then is lying.


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