March 14, 2012

Wacky Wednesday

This Wednesday had its share of wackiness, but it was also wonderful. I took the day off (a miracle during the "busy season") and went to a spring training game (Blue Jays vs. Yankees) with my favorite baseball-watching pal, Dad.
  • If I went to a spring training game every day of spring, I'd be the happiest person around. It helps if Derek Jeter is there, but it's not necessary. Although I did take 58 pictures of him today.
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  • People at spring training games are happy folks. Most are from out-of-state and on vacation. No grumps, which makes for a very pleasant day.
  • Despite my extreme paleness, I avoided major sunburn. I look a bit overdressed for the 80+ degree weather, but I don't care. More clothing means more of my Casper-like skin is protected from the big, scary ball of fire. As an added bonus, people are not blinded.
  • I've got some TV to watch! With my dad around, I wasn't able to watch the first episode of "Fashion Star" with my girl, Jessica Simpson. Or the episode of "Biggest Loser" that she was on to provide style makeovers for contestants. I'm hitting the on-demand versions soon.
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  1. People go spring training crazy here too. I also missed Jessica Simpson :( hoping hulu has both episodes.


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