March 14, 2012

My dad, the baseball (and running) fan

My biggest cheerleader is in town, and I’m ready to race!

My biggest cheerleader: Dad (when I say "biggest," I mean best not "biggest" as in size; but, at 6'4", I think he actually is the biggest in size).

He loves going to races. He enjoys all the aspects of a race (even the pesky early-morning start). He takes a ton of photos. He checks on me the rest of the day: Are you OK? Do you need some Gatorade? Are your legs sore? (This is even after a 5K). He thinks I did great no matter what.

Some of my dad's photography work

My race: a 5K on Sunday.

I ran this 5K last year. It is an awesome course along the beach, and it is flat and fast (or so I’m hoping). I really want to test my “speed” (there are quotes around it to indicate that this is a ridiculous term to use). Perhaps I should use “progress.” Yeah, that’s less ridiculous.

In the meantime, we’re going to hit some spring training games … it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

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  1. Ah your dad is so nice. Good luck on the 5k. I am sure you will rock it!


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