March 8, 2012

Things I realized today

Since I'm home alone during the week (my boyfriend works out of town), I have a lot of time to think (for some reason, I still can't get my dog to talk to me). As you probably guessed, me thinking is a frightening thing. In my thoughts today:
  • I love running outside, but I need an out-and-back path. If I miss my training group (like I did both nights this week due to pesky work), I run around my neighborhood (usually – see below for the exception). The problem: my neighborhood has a 2.5-mile loop. I hate getting back to the beginning and having to run past it. It's too easy to call it quits early. Even if I don't, I'm still bitter about running past the start and having to come back. Silly, I know, but I'm silly.
  • I still hate the treadmill. After working late and missing my training group today, I felt like the treadmill was the safest option to run. This is because I forgot about the face-of-the-sun temperature of the craptastic condo gym. Running in this temperature with no fan is not safe. Even though I didn't like it, the run is done. And, in another three months, I'll forget how much I really hate the craptastic gym and treadmill and do it again.
  • The only show I watch religiously each week is "Jersey Shore." This is sad and pathetic, and I'm embarrassed. But, at 10 p.m. EST, I was by my TV to watch.


  1. At least you got your run in!! Well done! If you can figure out how to get your dog to speak, let me know. ;)

  2. Treadmill picture cracked me up. I had the same face yesterday. I also have a difficult time running past my car/ house/ starting point so try to avoid it if possible otherwise long run becomes very short.

  3. You crack me up, Jina! I'm glad you had a great time with your dad this week. Next time, come visit him in Kansas and swing this direction, too! :) PLEASE! We don't have spring training, but we have road races.

    1. Yes! We need to run a race together! Well, not exactly together ... you're much faster than my turtle self, so we could meet at the finish line.


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