March 24, 2012

Because I wanted to run

Ever have one of those days that you just have to run? Not because it's on your schedule or you need to train for a race, but just because you want to run?

That was my Tuesday and Wednesday.

Tuesday is a normal running day for me, but I needed it. Work was frustrating. I got more and more irritated the longer the day went on. Handy that I run in the evenings. I ran hard, and the frustration and irritation just melted away (along with me — man, it's hot again). 

The mood-lifting quality of running is such a huge benefit. Stressed? Irritated? Mad? Run. You'll be less stressed, irritated and mad. Why everyone doesn't run is beyond me. 

Wednesday is not a running day for me, but I had to run. I wasn't as mad or irritated, but I remembered how good I felt the day before, and I wanted to feel that way again. Problem: as I was getting ready to head outside, the lightning and rain started. Crap. I am seriously frightened of lightning. I tried to wait it out, but it wasn't stopping. When I say I'm frightened of lightning, I mean I'm terrified. As in, I won't step foot outside. As in, I wasn't walking the 75 or so steps to the craptastic condo gym to run on the treadmill.

So, I improvised and hit the stairs. The stairs aren't the most glamorous (or the same as running), but they do the job. Afterward, I was happy and sweaty. Goal achieved.

Thursday is my running group day. Unfortunately, that pesky thing known as work got in the way of my plans. Argh. So, my options: run around the neighborhood or hit the craptastic gym. My choice: craptastic gym. I know, I know. I continually complain about the gym and the treadmill. But, for some reason, I just had the urge to run and watch TV. What better way to catch up on "Jersey Shore"? 

The show and gym are equally craptastic, but I keep going back for more. And, guess what? This time, I actually kind of loved the craptastic gym. It was still hot (no fan and little air conditioning are extremely uncool, but thrifty, which I guess is the goal), but I loved being completely distracted by those Jersey kids' antics. Before I knew it, 45 minutes were up, and I had  multi-tasked my way through a run (and sweat through everything I had on and felt dizzy). 
You have some issues still, craptastic gym, but I love you a little more now.

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  1. Sorry about work but way to dominate that gym!


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