August 2, 2011

Rolling with my Hmph! moment

I started this blog in a Hmph!-I’ll-show-you moment. I don’t usually have these moments, so I figured I’d roll with it.
In May, I signed up to run the Women’s Half Marathon in St. Petersburg, Fla. To try and stay (get?) motivated, I liked their Facebook page. So, when they recently posted a call for a blogger to write about training for the half marathon, I thought “That’s totally me! I can write. I’m attempting to run.” Well, they didn’t think so. Instead of my usual I-suck-I’m-a-loser-no-wonder-they-didn’t-pick-me attitude, I went all egotistical and knew the Women’s Half Marathon was missing out on me. I’ll show them (and you).
So, this blog will chronicle my training for running my first half marathon. But, it’ll also chronicle life outside of this (although I’m beginning to wonder if there is life outside of training for a half marathon).


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