August 11, 2011

Fun before the run

I trained for my training group. It’s not completely neurotic because you really do need to be able to run about three miles to start the training program. Of course, my motivation for training for the training group was to avoid being the worst runner in the training group. I did well up until the week before the training group began. Then, I went to Kentucky to visit my friend ...
I brought running clothes and shoes thinking I could run two of my four days there. Um, yeah. Didn’t happen. Not even once. And, not only did it not happen, I also ate a lot. And, I ate a lot of bad stuff. And, I drank a lot, too. Eek.
I did have a fabulous time, though. I went to the Louisville Slugger Factory and Museum, Churchill Downs and Maker’s Mark Distillery. They all rocked. Hard. Especially the Louisville Slugger Factory and Museum. I saw all kinds of awesome baseball memorabilia — not to mention saw Major League bats being made (60% of the bats used in the Major Leagues are produced right there).

One of my favorites: Derek Jeter’s bat. If you think I look extremely happy, it's because I was.


I got back to Clearwater on late Sunday night. I thought I’d have one day to get back to healthy eating and one run in before my training group began on Tuesday. Um, yeah. Didn’t happen.
But, I guess the important thing is that I did have fun. I get the idea that these next few months are going to be kind of intense, so it was probably a good idea to kick back one last time before running like a maniac.


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