February 29, 2012

Wacky Wednesday

Every day is random for me, but Wednesday in particular:
  • I'm thinking my bangs need to be cut. I'd cut them myself but I always screw them up. Then when I do go to a professional, I get the accusing: "You cut your bangs, didn't you? You used scissors you use to cut paper, didn't you?" Why, yes. Yes, I did. Please just fix them. Thanks.
  • I'm a lip balm and lip gloss fiend. Love the stuff. So, when I read all the hype, I had to try the Maybelline's Baby Lips. I even had to grab the last remaining tube at Target. And, my opinion: it's not that great. My lips felt drier than normal, and I had to reapply frequently.
  • I love everything celebrity. I devour celebrity gossip magazines, I watch celeb-reality shows, and I watch celebrity news shows (even butt-kissy ones like "Entertainment Tonight"). But one thing I won't watch: the Academy Awards. Why? That show is 3.5 hours of boring. I'm fine with a written recap and a look at the fashion.


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