February 7, 2012

Things I've learned since my first half marathon

With my second half marathon fast approaching (this Sunday ... eek!), I started thinking about things I learned from my first half marathon. And, here's the list:
  • Don't sweat the things you can't control. Well, let's get one thing straight: I sweat. A lot. Not sweating is not an option for me. But, in this case, I use "sweat" in place of "worry about." (Probably a poor word choice now that I think about it.)
    Hot mess
    I can't control the weather. If it is hot and nasty, I will be too. I can't change it. I just have to deal with it. Before my last half marathon (in November 2011), I started looking at the weather forecast 10 days out, and I kept obsessively checking it. This was not productive in the least bit. Even if I was worried about the weather, I couldn't change it.
  • The race isn't over if you have to stop to walk. I put a ton of pressure on myself to run the entire race. When I stopped for a walk break at mile 6, I thought I was a failure. I kept going and finished the race, but in a way, I kind of gave up at that point, unfortunately. So, this time around, thanks to some brilliant advice from Corey, I've tried to add a stop or a short walk into my long runs. I used to really fear stopping. But now, I know I can stop if needed (to drink some water, tie a shoe, whatever) and restart. Or even add a short walk break in. And, even with a stop or a walk, I can still have a decent (turtle) time. 
  • It's supposed to be (mostly) fun. During my last half marathon, I focused on the misery. "Wah! It's hot. Wah! I'm sweaty! Wah! I'm miserable." Yes, I acted like a big baby. I did not enjoy the experience. Now, looking back on it, there were so many things to enjoy. But, if you're acting like a big baby, you miss out. You're paying for the race; get some enjoyment out of it.


  1. Smart words. I am a super sweater too, but I don't have humidity to deal with like you do so I don't really have an excuse. Good luck Sunday. I hope you have a great time and look forward to reading about it!

    1. Not that I'm obsessively checking the weather, but it is supposed to be much cooler on Sunday! Less sweating, but still sweating.

  2. WOW - I think that is the first time anyone has said I have given them "brilliant" advice!!! Thanks but I am so new to this whole running / workout thing...I not anyone to take advice from.... really. Im so proud at how awesome you are - kicking butt and doing SO well! You inspire me girl!! Remember that!

    xoxo from Trinidad

    1. You are too sweet! Running is such a mental game for me (I struggle more mentally than physically most of the time), and your advice was so helpful to me. So, I'm deeming it brilliant!


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