February 20, 2012

Missing the music

When I first started running, I loved going out late at night with my iPod. I’d run my three miles to Michael Jackson, Notorious BIG, Puff Daddy, MC Hammer, countless other rappers, boy bands and other poppy goodness. It was sweet. I saved my iPod solely for running, and I looked forward to it every other night.
One of those "countless other rappers," LL Cool J
Then, I started realizing that I was dancing while running (yes, it’s possible), doing the hand motions to “2 Legit 2 Quit,” and rapping or singing along to each song. All of that extra motion took its toll on my attempts at running. So, I quit the music. And, I got better at running.

Now, after months and months of running (and getting better) with no tunes (so I could listen to my coach and chat with running group members), I want to hear the music again. Not on training group days, but maybe just one day a week when I run on my own … or a day when I should be running on my own.

The progressive run has been a bit elusive. It’s on my training schedule; I’m just not good about following my schedule on that particular day. So, maybe the incentive of some old favorites, as well as some new additions (hello, Bruno Mars), can sway my legs to get in that progressive run. 

I can't wait to run to that ditty. I heart Bruno in a serious way.


  1. I go through phases with running with or without music - I bet it'll help out on solo runs!

  2. I am a big baby if I have to run without music mostly because I run alone and get bored. I bet having some quality time with some fun tunes will help you get out the door.

    1. I only use my iPod for running, and I haven't listened to it in months. And, I love music. Seems like it should work ... hopefully.


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