February 24, 2012

I rocked for a few days

Well, I've gotten a little cocky. After my mind-blowing half marathon (see? I told you I got cocky), I thought: "I've got this running thing down. I'm awesome." So, I had no big worries about a little 10K on Saturday. "Only 6.2 miles? Sheesh! This will be easy." (Again, you can probably pick up on the cockiness). 

Then, along came this week's runs. And, they were not awesome and not easy (and they weren't anywhere close to 13.1 miles or even 6.2 miles). And, my cockiness came to a screeching halt. I snapped back to reality (oh! There goes gravity) and realized that just because I had one decent race doesn’t mean that running is a piece of cake (although it makes me hungry for one). Now I’m back to doubting myself, and I’m a little worried about a 10K. 

I’ve never run a 10K race. I went right from 5Ks to half marathons and skipped everything in between. So, with my doubts and dashed cockiness, I’m kind of glad this is my first 10K. No pressure. No time to beat because I have no previous time. That leads me to my goal for this race: have fun. I think I can handle that.


  1. Oh, but you ARE awesome! And you Will do great! I ran my first 10K last spring and had a great running coach during the race, who kept my pace slow the first mile. He kept telling me the goal was to have your fast mile be your fastest split. It worked fabulously, and made the end kind of fun!

    Good luck!

  2. That is a great goal and you will do great. Then you can go back to being cocky:)


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