September 22, 2011

Day 18 (Sept. 18)

The Saturday glass of wine with dinner turned into two (or three, ahem). This type of activity on Saturday night encourages one to blow off their run on Sunday at 7:30 a.m. But, I didn't ... well, I wasn't really intending to blow it off. I made myself get up and get dressed despite having a headache, being dehydrated and being super sleepy. I was ready to head out the door when I realized my keys weren't on the key rack where I always put them (I'm now realizing always probably isn't the best word choice in this instance). So, after searching my purse and a few other spots with no luck (and allowing no time for such activity in my schedule), I gave up on making it to the group run.

Since I was already in my running clothes, I decided to drink some water and go out running on my own. Bad idea. I made it one mile and turned around and walked the remaining mile back home. Ugh. I did not feel good. At all.

So, I figured my next shot was running that evening (after it cooled off). I tried to hydrate during the day, and 12 hours later, I went out to do my six-mile long run. I didn't feel great again (not nearly as bad as I did that morning, but it just wasn't a good running feeling). I got the mileage in, but I did some walking intervals. I felt much better during the second three miles than I did the first. I'd expect the opposite, so that was kind of strange.

Oh, and I found my keys (on the floorboard of the car).


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