September 25, 2012

This week in running: week 6

Sounds like the same story, different week: I loved running until my long run.


With my new-found love of speed work, I was super-psyched for this day! (I'm not sure what's wrong with me). 

I loved this workout. 

  • 30 seconds hard, 1 minute easy x 5; then, 2 minutes of rest
  • 20 seconds hard, 40 seconds easy x5; then, 2 minutes of rest
  • 10 seconds hard, 20 seconds easy x 5; then, 2 minutes of rest
  • 20 seconds hard, 40 seconds easy x 3; then, 2 minutes of rest
  • 30 seconds hard, 1 minute easy x 3; then, 2 minutes of rest
  • Plus, an easy run to and from our "track" (a circle portion of sidewalk)
  • Total time: 47 minutes
The "track"

This provided me with something I've never seen before: 2 miles with single-digit-minute times per mile! I didn't know this was possible for a turtle!

Distance: 4.33 miles


Today was more mental training than anything else. We did 0.7-mile repeats of the worst part of the race: dreaded Mirror Lake (Women's Half Marathon in St. Pete). I did 4 repeats (along with running to and from the site), and I got progressively faster each time. 

I'm so glad we did this because I hated this portion of the race last year. I was extremely bitter at this point. I was hot, tired and so over it. So really, this was perfect training.

Distance: 3.8 miles


I'm still not happy with my long runs.

They're not terrible, but they're not the I-love-running-and-I-want-to-marry-it kind of runs either.

I'm not sure what's going on, but I continually feel like I'm out of energy on these early morning runs. I never feel in the zone. I used to love long runs, so I'm not really sure what's up.

But, it wasn't awful. It couldn't be too miserable if you're wearing one of your favorite shirts.
Love this shirt, loved this race, love Brooks

On a completely random side note, "rock" is my favorite word. People assume that because I majored in a journalism field and I write that I like big, fancy words. Not necessarily the case. Rock is extremely versatile, and I just love it.

But I can't use it in reference to this run, sadly.

Distance: 7 miles

How was your week in running? Are you in love with speed work? Or am I crazy? How important is mental training in running? Why don't I love long runs like I used to? What is your favorite word?


  1. I ran my third half-marathon so it was a great week for me :) I HATE speedwork. Slow, longer distance runs make me so much happier!

    1. Yay for your third half marathon! I used to hate speed work, and I used to love slow, longer distances ... I'm not sure what's happening to me.

  2. Awesome week for you! I've dabbled in some speed work, but mostly now I am working on fitness and covering more miles. After my races this Fall I will most likely focus on speed work through the Winter.

    1. You're so smart to do speed work in the winter! It produces a lot of sweat. :c)

  3. Do you run with music for your long runs? If you do, stop it. I learned that my surrounds motivated me more on long runs than Kesha or Kanye ever could. Also try running tall at the very beginning of your long run. I would feel like gravity was sucking out my energy is my form was crappy at the start. I call it "Barbie doll" running, where the more your legs move the bent over at the waste you become, lol. It always makes me feel slow and tired. Try that!

    1. Aha! I never thought of that! I did look at a picture taken of me running this weekend (early in the mileage) and thought I looked "hunchy" (like all hunched over, but I prefer hunchy). :c) I'm going to try running tall. Thank you!

  4. Nice week of running!I have been in a funk about long runs too. It is like if I think about it too much I psych myself out. You are inspiring me to maybe (don't want to commit or anything;)) do some speed work at least once a week or every two weeks. I am just such a steady on runner. It would probably be a good thing to pick it up every now and then.

    1. I think I am definitely thinking too much about them. Once I had issues, I can't help but worry about each one now. I need to chill out. Speed work is so fun! Thank goodness for it! Otherwise, I'd be in a real running funk.

  5. It's fun to go fast!! I like speed work too. It's hard but it's very rewarding I think.
    You're having great weeks!!
    I think we all go through weird periods with running. I struggled early on with my long runs. Then, it just clicked. I think it will for you too. Lately I've been trying to pick a word to focus on. A strong word. I keep repeating it to myself if times get tough. I also like to "trick" my brain so I'll say things like, "Just do 5 more minutes" or "You can do 1 more mile" and keep repeating that or variations of it. It's funny but it works. ;) I don't know if I have a favorite word! That's a tough question!!

    1. Speed work rocks! I feel so accomplished when I'm done.

      I'm hoping for the click. I like the idea of repeating a word or tricking my brain. Anything to motivate or distract is helpful, I think. Thanks for the idea!


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