September 19, 2012

Tackling my nemesis

Have I ever mentioned that I don't like 5Ks? Well, I really don't like 5Ks. I mean, I really don't like 5Ks.

So, I signed up for another one.

Completely logical, right? Yeah, I thought so too.

But, this one is different. 


Well, it's an evening race so that's a huge bonus for this morning hater. But, the even cooler thing? One of my coaches said she'd pace me. Wow. That's an honor. I can't pass that up. 

And, with this speed work (and my love of it and my accomplishment of running 2 whole miles in a single-digit minute mile), I'm kind of excited (even if the race does involve my nemesis, the Pier). 

Look out, you pesky 5K distance. I'm coming for you in a few weeks!


  1. I like running 5Ks, but only after training for a 10K. Then, when you cross the finish line, you think, "Wow. Shouldn't I only be half done?"

    Ya, I'm geeky like that.

    1. I'm hoping I'll have that feeling since I'm training for a half marathon!

      I just know I'll never do a 10K when there's a 5K option again. It is no fun to watch all those 5Kers make the turn for the finish line when you still have half to go. It made for a LONG 3.1 miles to finish.

  2. I find 5Ks hard. Too short to really get going but that is awesome someone is pacing you. I bet you blow it out of the water!

    1. I swear I don't warm up until 3 miles in! The first 3 are always the worst for me. I guess I'll really rock that .1! :c)

  3. That sounds like a fun race!! I think you'll like the evening run format. The last 5k I did was in the evening and I liked it a lot.
    You're gonna rock it! :)


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