August 30, 2012

Things that Rock Thursday

Well, since I have the day off today, Thursday is pretty darn sweet. It reduces my need to cheer myself up for this typically dreadful day. So, this TTRT is about everything that rocks about this Thursday (usually, I'd never say a Thursday rocks ... never).

Things that rock this fabulous day:
  • Having a guest post on Healthy Happy Runner ... check it out!
  • Having a vacation day
  • Having a long weekend ahead
  • Having a friend watch Chloe instead of sending her to the kennel 
I don't wanna go the kennel!
  • Having time to explore Texas today 
  • Having family time in one short day
  • Having family dog time in one short day
My brother's dog, Dude

My sister-in-law's dog, Rodeo
  • Having a Diet Dr. Pepper to celebrate vacation (YUM!)
  • Having time to get my half marathon training run in today
  • Having a Kindle (this thing is so beautiful for travel)
What is rocking your Thursday?


  1. Great guest post! I get stupid questions like 'you ran 13.1 miles' too. Makes me so annoyed. I want to slap them upside the head.


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