August 16, 2012

Things that Rock Thursday

Thursdays aren’t my favorite day. This is not a shock to those that I work with or those that know I am a member and founder of the I Hate Thursday Club. In an effort to make this dreaded day better, I started posting about things that rock at the end of the day to try and end it well.

But, Thursdays nights are now infinitely better because my half marathon training group meets then.

So, I thought I’d try posting it in the morning to start the day off on the right foot.

Bark at the parks

Two things I really love in life are dogs and baseball, so when I can combine them, it makes for a pretty rockin’ day.

I lucked out living in the Tampa Bay area because there are three very close single A stadiums (in addition to the Rays) that have all kinds of promotions to get people to attend. Thankfully, some of those promotions include bark at the parks and yappy hours.

Last Wednesday, we took Chloe to a Clearwater Threshers’ Yappy Hour. She’s been to a few bark at the park events, and she always has a good time. I swear this dog actually watches the game! There are people and dogs and food in the concourse behind her, but she likes to keep her eyes on the field.

Dog is happy. Owner is happy. That results in an awesome night.

‘90s reunions

It is no secret that, much like the VH1 show, I love the ‘90s. Shows, movies and music all reigned supreme in the 1990s, in my opinion (unlike my boyfriend who said the only good group to come out of the ‘90s was Nirvana … eh, what does he know?).

So, it is no surprise that a ‘90s lover like me loved the Olympics closing ceremonies. A Spice Girls reunion? Yes, please! I definitely needed to spice up my life again. Even though it was short and sweet (and I worried about Posh falling off of her car stage), it rocked.

And, I’m in love with the new Old Navy commercials showcasing the original “Beverly Hills 90210” cast. This girl can’t get enough of 90210. I’ll watch reruns of that all day long.


  1. I love that Old Navy commercial too. I still wish the old Beverly Hills cast was on the new 90210 more, it was cool to see them all grown up :P

    1. Me too! I'd definitely watch it then! I watched the first season, and then got bored with it.

  2. i am a 90s lover as well, but then again i grew up in the 90s so why wouldn't i be? give me spice girls and backstreet boys and converse shoes in a non-hipster way and i am happy.

    1. Gosh! I so love boy bands. *NSYNC is my favorite, but I'll take any of them.

  3. Yappy hour--that's awesome! Chloe is so cute!!!


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