August 21, 2012

A random Tuesday

You know those days when you have all these random thoughts and none really make a full, complete though? Yeah, that's pretty much every day for me.
  • I recently bought some compression socks. They were necessary because they are pink, and I had a coupon for 50% off. I'm a sucker for a good color and a good deal. Well, I hear they do amazing things for your legs, too. I haven't tried them yet, though.  
I don't think I've ever bought a S/M in anything before!
  • I found myself home alone this weekend (well, Chloe was there too ... she gets mad if I forget to mention her). I found myself on my couch with wine and a stack of movies to watch. None were great ... they were all OK: "My Week With Marilyn," "American Reunion" and "Moneyball." I want to watch an amazing movie. It seems like I've been watching all mediocre movies lately.
Did I hear you forgetting me?
  • My half marathon training group is partially sponsored by Nuun. By partially sponsored, it means there is always Nuun around to drink. I'm not sad about this at all. I never liked Gatorade or other sports drinks, but I can drink Nuun all day long. Yum!
  • After getting an email about an amazing iPhone deal through my wireless company, and realizing that I had my renew-your-contract credit available, I finally took the plunge. As of this evening, I'll be an iPhone-carrying girl. 
Join in the randomness with me: Do you have compression socks? Do you like them? Are they a fun color? Watch any amazing movies lately? Have you tried Nuun? Do you like Nuun? Do you have an iPhone (or am I the only one without one)?


  1. I have compression socks in hot pink and I love them. But I'm not sure if I love them because they work or just because they're hot pink knee socks. Probably because they're hot pink knee socks.

  2. I have the same compression socks (bought with the same 50% off coupon!) and I like them a lot. I also bought the S/M, which is definitely not the norm for me. But these socks are comfy after a long run!


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