August 23, 2012

Things that Rock Thursday

It's that dreaded day of the week again. But to make it better, let's talk about things that rock, OK?


I'm a lip balm and lip gloss lover. I put it on at least 10 times per day. I think it's an addiction. 

I'll try any balm or gloss. But, only the favorites get a repeat purchase. And, my all-time favorite?

I'm a longtime Carmex fan. I remember my mom always having a tub of it in her purse. My brother and I would dig our fingers in and spread it our lips.

Thankfully, they make it in tube form because the tub always kind of grossed me out. But, it still moisturizes and protects lips better than any other balm or gloss out there, in my opinion. And, I should know since I've sampled thousands.

Fun work outings

For working at an accounting firm, we do some pretty fun things.

Take yesterday, for example. We had an all-hands meeting. Probably doesn't sound that fun, right? Well, put that meeting at Tropicana Field (home of the Tampa Bay Rays). After the meeting and lunch in the center field restaurant, head on out to watch the Rays win. And, add in some Rays bucks to buy drinks, snacks or a shirt (like me). Pretty sweet workday, huh?
My office (for the day)

Your turn: Are you a lip gloss or lip balm addict? Have a favorite brand? Do you have fun work outings?


  1. Love Vaseline lip stuff, but have quite the collection. Think it is a girl thing:) work day at a ball field sounds awesome!

  2. I love making sure my lips are taken cared of so BOTH! I look tired if I don't have a bit of color on my lips (I think)


  3. I have the lip balm version and it smells like so much heaven. It makes my lips extra moist for those serious workouts. I agree, great post!

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