July 26, 2012

Things that Rock Thursday

This Thursday is better than most. Maybe because I had Monday off, and it technically feels like Wednesday? Whatever the reason, I'll take it. But, it still doesn't hurt to talk about things that rock.

Anger Management 

I've had a thing for Charlie Sheen for at least 16 years. I think he's hilarious. Even though he's kind of crazy, I find him refreshing because he's honest about it.

I loved him on "Two and a Half Men." I think I've managed to watch every episode of his run at least twice, thanks to reruns. So, I'm ready for some new material. 

Thankfully, "Anger Management" came along. I'm still getting used to it (I'm not ready to declare it the funniest show ever ... yet), but I'm just so happy Charlie's back on TV. As mentioned previously, I have issues.

The treadmill

Lately, I'm obsessed with the treadmill. I fought it for so long, but with all the rain we've been getting, I had to make peace with it. Now, I'm somewhat in love.

Yes, I still run on the treadmill in the craptastic gym. Yes, it's still crappy. Yes, it's still insanely hot.

But, I can watch TV (like "Anger Management"). I can easily do speed workouts. I can play running games while watching TV (sprint through commercials). It makes running even more fun. 

Mentha Lip Shine

I'm kind of iffy on mint. Sometimes I like it, and sometimes it makes me feel nauseous. I was taking a big gamble on buying this lip gloss (even though it was on sale for $2 at Bath and Body Works semi-annual sale). 

Turns out, it didn't make me nauseous. And, I don't like it, I love it! 

Not only is the scent (flavor?) fabulous (a mixture of bubble gum and mint), it actually moisturizes my lips. Most glosses seem to slack in that area (they make your lips shiny, but that's it). I don't believe their claim that it is a breath freshener, but other than that, I'm a  fan.


  1. I have a roller-coaster relationship with the treadmill... Sometimes I love it and sometimes I loathe it. And I'll have to look for that lip gloss, I'm kind picky about that kind of stuff but the kind you bought sounds awesome!


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