July 24, 2012

It pays to know a gambler

In unplanned news, I spent a long weekend in Biloxi, Miss., and New Orleans.

This trip rocked. Why?

1.  It was free. I'm not a gambler, but my boyfriend is. Apparently, casinos really want you to come and gamble in their casino and will pay for your flight and room at a swanky hotel. 

2.  My boyfriend's high school friend lives in Pensacola, Fla., so he made the trip over to visit on Friday. He is the truest Southern gentleman I've ever met.

Nice that we use the crappy cell photo camera instead of the
impressive Nikon around Dain's neck.

3.  We saw an awesome show (Fata Morgana) at Beau Rivage for an awesome price ($9.95 per ticket). It was a Cirque-style show without the Cirque-style price, and it was amazing.

These dudes blew my mind. Photo courtesy of Beau Rivage.

4.  Our hotel (Beau Rivage) has an amazing gym, which I utilized!  

5.  Our hotel also has an amazing view, which I enjoyed.

6.  This was only my second trip to New Orleans, but I fell even more in love. This city is so fun to explore. 

7.  New Orleans makes the best Bloody Marys (tomato juice makes them healthy, right?). Each place has their own take on it. The most interesting ingredient: Guinness. 

8.  I really enjoy my job (most of the time), but a break is pretty darn fantastic.


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